About Bike For the Cure 2020

In Summary

“Bike for the Cure 2020” is a 620 mile bicycle ride, south on the Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville TN to Natchez  MS and on to New Orleans LA for the 35th Annual HDSA Convention (June 4 – 6, 2020). In 1967, Marjorie Guthrie, the widow of famed folksinger Woody Guthrie. In 1967 she founded the Committee to Combat Huntington’s Disease, which in 1983 became the Huntington’s Disease Society of America. America. The mission of HDSA is to improve the lives of everyone affected by HD and their families. As in the prior 20 rides, the purpose of the ride is to heighten public awareness of Huntington’s Disease and to raise funds for family services and research towards a cure.

About the Route

The Natchez Trace Parkway comprises the first 444 miles, through 3 states and hundreds of years of history. It was established as a unit of the National Park System in 1938 and officially completed in 2005. It commemorates the most significant highway of the Old Southwest. It evolved from animal game trails, used by Native Americans, explorers, early settlers, Civil War soldiers, into modern times. It was used by such notables as Gen. Andrew Jackson, Meriwether Lewis, John James Audubon, Jefferson Davis, and Ulysses S. Grant. The Parkway creates a greenway from the southern Appalachian foothills of Tennessee to the bluffs of the lower Mississippi River. The second half of the ride is on surface roads, from Natchez MS through Baton Rouge and on to New Orleans LA.

Route Itinerary

Day 1 –  May 24 – Mile Markers 444 to 391
Day 2 –  May 25 – Mile Markers 391 to 364
Day 3 –  May 26 – Mile Markers 364 to 300
Day 4 –  May 27 – Mile Markers 300 to 230
Day 5 –  May 28 – Mile Markers 230 to 160
Day 6 –  May 29 – Mile Markers 160 to 100
Day 7 –  May 30 – Mile Markers 100 to 39
Day 8 –  May 31 – Mile Markers 39 to 0
Day 9 –  June 1   – Natchez MS to Baton Rouge LA
Day 10 – June 2  – Baton Rouge to New Orleans LA
Day 11 – June 3  – Arrival at Convention Hotel

A Video about the Natchez Trace Parkway

Here is a link to a brief 5 minute video about The Natchez Trace Parkway: