— On way home – Day 1

Leaving New Orleans we headed west on the I-10 to Lafayette via Baton Rouge. For over twenty miles between the two cities is a raised causeway over an area called the Atchafalaya (Uh-CHAFF-uh-LYE-uh) Basin. It is the largest swamp and wetlands in the United States (20 miles wide and 15 miles long). It’s where the Atchafalya River and the Gulf of Mexico converge. No bikes can be ridden across this stretch (have to load bikes into a vehicle to get across. That is what we did 10 years ago on the “Pedal the Gulf” ride.)

In Lafayette we toured around the LSU campus to have a look at Tiger Stadium. The stadium holds 93,000 fans with dormitories around the bottom perimeter. Funding for the stadium had to be weaseled out of student housing money to get it built! Across the street is the Pete Maravich Center that looks like a huge flying saucer. In the courtyard is an enclosure where a tiger resides.

Now we are on a mission to find state parks to overnight. They are usually a little out of town, but more interesting than the side by side rows of spaces in private parks. We found Palmetto State Park in Luling, Texas, East of San Antonio.

Mary Ann