— Convention – Day 2 – June 2

Friday, June 2

Since Sherri was unable to make the ride,  my husband Scott was recruited to drive the van so I could still make the trip. He turned out to be the quintessential driver. I have not been behind the wheel once! His only request was to go to the National World War II museum in New Orleans. He fancies himself a history buff, especially Revolutionary War, Civil War and WW II. So, Friday we spent at the WW II museum. All day. From 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. when they kicked us out! You could learn more than anyone would ever want to know about WW II. There are seven buildings to the museum set up in chronological order from Japan invading Mongolia in 1931 and Hitler invading Czechoslovakia in 1938 until the end of the War in August 1945. After that we wandered up to the French Quarter into the mass of people on a Friday night. Dinner at Segnette Landing of crab cakes, boudin and head cheese rounded out our Cajun experience.

Mary Ann