— Bike for the Cure – In New Orleans

I finally found a nice asphalt biking path along the west bank levee of the Mississippi River. I rode along for about eight miles and it was still going. The West Bank south of New Orleans is very industrial. Barges, coming and going, electricity being made, and trucks everywhere. The levee is probably thirty feet up. South of the levee is ten feet below sea level and subject to flooding. Bayou Segnette State Park, where we are parked, has two huge pumps stations to pump drainage back toward the gulf when the water rises. There is more water around here than I have ever seen. Riding around the park and along the levee, I got in another twenty miles today. This is the last day I will ride. Tomorrow we have to figure out how to get into New Orleans, leaving our camper at the state park while we are at the convention.

Mary Ann