— Bike for the Cure – Day 1

All sun screened and bug sprayed up, I started riding at the RV park we stayed in at Rockport. I rode about ten miles to a bridge across a bay, north of Fulton on I-35. It is flat and the ocean breeze was a God-send in the 82 degree temperature. The plan is to ride ten miles and drive ten miles. I hope I can keep track of Scott!

There was a nice wide shoulder to ride on. My second leg was another ten miles to Tivoli. I met a nice couple training for the ride across Iowa (RAGBRI).  My last leg was into Palacios. About 30 miles in all. By then it was very hot! Riding in the morning is the wise thing to do.

We drove on up to Freeport and found a place to park for the night. Freeport is the home of Dow Chemical. It was the temporary capital of the Republic of Texas. Steven F. Austin resided there for a while, on his Peach Point Plantation. Austin was granted the right to settle in exchange for taking responsibility for settling the area with others. He sold his property to his sister and brother -in-law in 1832. He maintained his original home in Jones Creek (adjacent to Freeport.) His  body was buried in the Gulf Prairie Cemetery in Jones Creek. In 1910 it  was re-interred at the State Capitol of Austin.

We are trying to keep cool and keep the bugs off! Will head for Galveston next.

Mary Ann (& Scott)