— Bike for the Cure – 2nd Pre-Ride Day

We crossed the Continental Divide just after leaving Lordsburg, NM. I always think of the Divide high in the mountains, but here it is very flat at 4200 ft. The terrain is much like the high desert of Northwest Nevada around Reno, lot of sage brush and scrub. Next we came to Las Cruces, NM where the Rio Grande River enters from the North. It flows South to El Paso, TX forming the border between the United States and Mexico. El Paso goes on and on as does Texas! Southwest Texas looks much like the old western cattle drives, bare, scrubby land. Then the vegetation starts to thicken and trees and rolling hills become noticeable. We are now about thirty miles from San Antonio. We will go to the Alamo and stroll the river walk before ending up in Corpus Christi later this afternoon.

Mary Ann