— Bike for the Cure – 1st Pre-Ride Day

Heading east on the I-10 across the land of wind and sun. Southern California across to Tucson, Arizona. There are lots of windmills around the Palm Springs area and huge solar farms out in the desert, for “green energy.” Iowa has been developing wind energy for 20 years and can only supply around half of the energy needed for the state.

The deserts of Mojave and Sonora are in full bloom. The saguaros have clusters of blooms at the end of every arm and on top of the trunk. The yucca, ocotillo, and cholla are blooming. Even the Joshua trees have tall stalks coming out of the tops with pods on them. Quite beautiful. The temperature held at 97 degrees most of the day. In the past, these areas of SoCal and Arizona have been used for desert war training.

After Tucson the terrain is much hillier and there is more green vegetation. IN some places it looks like the high plains. In the morning, we will keep heading East on the I-10; destination San Antonio.

Mary Ann