Bike for the Cure – Day 3 of the road home

Bike for the Cure – the road home – Day 3 – Colby KS to Green River UT

Tuesday, June 14

After braving temperatures from 93 to 101 degrees and 31 mph winds, it was a real pleasure to wake up to 66 degrees and calm breezes.  We left Colby, KS just a little behind schedule, 7:30 AM, stopped at a Casey’s gas station/convenience store for coffee, tea, and a donut. Headed west on I-70 when the oil light came on. Pulled off at the next exit and checked it out, a little bit low, so we added a quart got back on the road.

Getting into Colorado we started communicating with Marie and made a plan to meet at the Golden Gate travel stop in Palisade at about 4:00 p.m. After passing through Rifle and Parachute,  traffic slowed to a crawl about 30 miles out, so we rescheduled our meeting time to add about 15 minutes. Just as we got back to traveling speed and were only 10 miles away from Palisade, traffic came to a halt. We updated Marie and sat an waited and waited and waited….well you get the picture. More than 45 minutes had passed when we started to move again and by move I mean we crept along. After going about 2 miles in about 15 minutes, we came to the site of an accident (by now it had been cleared) and traffic went back to 2 lanes and 70/80 mph.

We finally got to the travel stop where Marie was waiting patiently. Boy were we glad to see her! We exchanged greetings and some miscellaneous papers related to the bike ride, told a few stories and we had to part company.

Mary Ann had found an RV park in Green River, UT that we wanted to get to before dark. It was another two hours of driving.

We finally made it to our destination for the day!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the last day of traveling  for this year’s Bike for the Cure for HD.  Next year the National Convention will be in New Orleans, the scheduled site of the canceled  2020 in-person Convention.  What will 2023 bring???

PS. On Day 1 of the ride home Sherri mentioned that they traveled through 6 states. Pictures of the entrance flag to each state are now posted on that email post. Ron