Bike for the Cure – Day 1 of the road home

Sunday, June 12 – It is Mary Ann’s birthday as well!

Trying to use all modes of transportation, we walked from the hotel to the subway train station and rode it to the airport, not to fly anywhere, but to catch the shuttle to the Peachy parking lot where we had stored the van while at the convention.

After collecting the van, we headed WNW, destination West Plains, MO to visit more relatives.  We ended up driving through parts of 6 states: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri. West Plains  in South Central Missouri is where our relatives live, 15-20 miles North of the border with Arkansas, about 75 miles East of Branson.  Our Uncle Bob, at 92, has about 40 head of cattle and raises, cuts and bales his own hay. His daughter Cindy and her husband Lynn live just a short distance up the road and own Tyree’s Fertilizer plant.

Cindy cooked up this big country dinner of fresh vegetables, chicken, pork chops AND steak, and apple pie and chocolate cake for dessert! Daughters Kate and Ashley (with husband Justin) joined in and of course Uncle Bob. After everyone went home, we stayed up till midnight visiting with Cindy and Lynn.

In addition to family reminiscence, we learned about how the interruption in supply chain, high gas prices and labor shortages has affected their fertilizer business and how they had created some “work arounds”.  Their daughters sell fescue grass seed which is a staple of the lawn and garden industry. Two thirds of fescue grass seed is grown in Missouri. The whole family lives within about a 15 mile radius and seem to have created the perfect balance of togetherness and independence. Hard workers all, they also  know how to enjoy their leisure time. A good old American farm family.  It’s good to know that they still exist.

More tomorrow as we cross Kansas.

Sherri and Mary Ann