Bike for the Cure – HDSA National Convention, Day 3

HDSA – Second full day of Nat’l Convention

Saturday, June 11

We started the day with breakfast and listened to Professor Sarah Tabrizi speak about the Integrated Staging System developed to rank the advancement of a person’s disease, much like the stages of cancer. This will help to identify what treatments can be used, determined by the stage of a person’s HD.

Both of us went to the session on Research Observational studies. Then there was a lunch sponsored by drug companies that were doing trials. One of the most exciting things about the Convention was to learn there are numerous drug companies committed to developing therapeutics to treat the progression of HD. Four companies have drugs ready to go to clinical trials. After lunch Sherri went to a session on “Sleep Strategies” and Mary Ann went to the “Meet the Board” session. Lastly Sherri went to the “Research Roundup Pop Quiz” and Mary Ann went to a session on “In Vitro Fertilization.”

Before dinner we were invited to a VIP reception where we met two board members, talked to Louise Vetter, and received a stainless steel travel mug and phone charger. At dinner Sherri and I were surprisingly recognized by Louise and introduced as Bike for the Cure bike riders. She also gave kudos to Marie and Charlotte for their 23 years of fund raising. Dinner was salmon and chicken with veggies and red velvet cake for dessert. Then the dancing started and everyone missed Charlotte on the dance floor.

Mary Ann and Sherri