Bike for the Cure – HDSA National Convention, Day 2

HDSA – First full day of Nat’l Convention

Friday, June 10  

Up and at ‘em for breakfast of fruit and bagels, coffee, juice, etc. provided by HDSA. We sat with Alina del Rio and a young couple from Montana who are in her (Zoom) support group. Then on with the opening ceremony at 9:00 a.m. with Louise Vetter (President and CEO of HDSA), then scientists  Ed Wild & Jeff  Carroll. Afterwards,  we dispersed  to breakout sessions. Sherri went to “Managing Aggression” and Mary Ann went to “Good Nutrition”;  both were very informative.

The luncheon was a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, various Chapters and Affiliates of HDSA.

Afternoon sessions were “HD Science 101” and “Ask the Scientists Anything. ” The panel did an excellent job of answering questions in layman’s terms. They talked about why certain trials had been discontinued, and  about new trials coming down the pipeline. They always do a good job of instilling a sense of hope for future discoveries, therapies, and ultimately a cure.

After that we gave blood for biomarker research, for evaluating neurofilament light. You’ll have to Google that one.

Afterward, we decided to walk to the stunningly beautiful Atlanta Botanical Gardens, a wise decision. We found them to be vast, diverse and fabulously curated. Enjoy some attachment photos from the Gardens.

We did not make it back in time for the NYA talent show. Earlier in the day we met a young man, Antoine, who was performing some Haiku poetry readings and got a preview of his piece. Very emotional.

That’ll do it for today, tune in tomorrow for more from the Convention.

Sherri and Mary Ann