— Bike for the Cure 2022 – Day 6 Riding

Day 6 – Bike for the Cure riding – near Charleston SC to Savannah GA

Tuesday, June 7

Left James County Park and drove to the two lane highway with light traffic and started riding at Rantowles, SC.  Mary Ann spied a blueberry farm sign along the way, the sign said “Open, you pick or we pick”, so we stopped there. We got a nice tour by the owner Lee Newton, but he confessed right away that he had no blueberries for sale as the March frost had destroyed his crop. He told us about his new endeavor, thornless blackberries. He had two rows of all kinds,Freedom, Sweetie pie and Caddo, among the many varieties he grows.  He allowed us to taste each one to see the difference in flavor, they definitely did vary, every one delicious!  We talked him into getting us 2 pint containers so we could purchase some to snack on. When he came back with the containers he asked us about Huntington’s Disease, having seen the sign on our van. We told him what we knew and what our mission is and gave him one of our flyers to read. We parted company, each knowing a little more than we had before we met and happy to have made his acquaintance.

We continued on our bike ride as far as we could go, finding a rural road that parallel the 17 that we could ride for several miles. We finally had to load up and go in search of the Spanish Moss Bike Trail. It is another part of the East Coast Greenway and starts at the north in Beaufort, SC and goes south  to Port Royal. They do not make these bike paths easy to find so we drove around trying to follow every map we had access to and finally found the South end using my “All Trails” app. However…by then we had been caught in another gully washer of a storm and had to wait it out. So we drove back to Beaufort and by the time we found a place to park, it had stopped raining. One nice thing about riding on trails is we can both ride together. Another nice thing is that they often have historical information along the way. This section was built on the abandoned Charleston and Western Carolina Railroad bed and passes through a restored warehouse that played a  significant role in Beaufort’s industry and then we rode by what remains of the abandoned Seacoast packing plant built in 1920. It was first a meat packing plant, then a grocery warehouse, then a tomato canning plant and finally a pickle packing plant. It played a big role in reviving Beaufort’s economy between WWI and WWII and is on the National Register of Historical Places.

After riding the path, it was time to find a place to park for the night.  Mary Ann found the Red Gate Campground and RV Park.

It is part of Red Gate Farms, owned and  cared for by the same family since 1931. Besides RV parking, they offer a pavilion for weddings and special events and equestrian activities.  We encountered two young ladies preparing to start teaching youngsters to ride at their summer riding school. 

We were 8 minutes away from downtown Savannah, so we drove in to enjoy the local cuisine. We ate at Dockside Seafood on River Street, a bustling area in Savannah’s historic district. The restaurant was built in 1792. I had a blackened shrimp po’boy and Mary Ann had fantail shrimp, both excellent!

We were dog tired by the time we got back to the camper and made our beds up, brushed our teeth, etc. and jumped in bed in record time.

I am sad and surprised to say that our bicycle ride has come to an end. The trip has been long, but the bicycle riding seems quite short. Definitely different from rides that Marie and Charlotte have organized in the past. But we have traveled far and put our hearts into doing what we can for the cause. We’ll continue to do so until that one dollar facilitates the discovery of a cure for Huntington’s Disease.

This is not the last Daily Message. There will be messages from the Convention, and messages as we wend our way West towards home.

Thank you all for following us on our journey and for contributing money for research. We are still taking donations. Make check payable to “HDSA” and mail it to:

Marie Nemec

3087 – A 1/2 Road

Grand Junction CO 81503

Or you can go to our website and donate online –   www.hdsa.org/bikeforthecure

Mary Ann & Sherri