— Bike for the Cure 2022 – Day 4 Riding

Bike for the Cure – Day 4 riding – Hubert to Holden Beach NC

Sunday, June 5

Today was a quite interesting. We rose before the sun and were headed down the road by 6:45 a.m., stopping to get coffee, tea & diesel. We had our eyes peeled, looking for a shoulder, any shoulder to ride on. We found one after going through Jacksonville, so I got on my bike & took off, feeling like I was finally getting some real riding in.

We switched on and off most of the day, but took 2 detours out onto some more barrier Islands. First we drove to North Topsail Beach and rode to Surf City. It was basically a long, straight street lined with big coastal houses and an occasional “Beach Access,” but no parking, not even a wide spot in the road to pull the van over and switch drivers, so Mary Ann got to ride that whole leg.

Our second detour was from Southport, NC to Fort Fisher, NC, via ferry. This time we opted to walk on with our bikes and just ride around the island together, then back on the same ferry.  Fort Fisher played a significant role in the Civil War. it was the defense of the last coastal stronghold of the Confederacy. The fort was captured January 15, 1865 after a 3 day battle with 55 enemy warships and 10,000 land forces. The garrison of the fort, only 1,900 men, were all North Carolinians, save 350 South Carolinians. Who knew there was such a naval presence in the Civil War?

There is also an aquarium that is lauded as one of NC’s most popular attractions and the droves of people headed down the road to the entrance tells me it truly is.

We called several RV parks before we found one that was open on Sunday. Call me naive, but I thought RV parks and campgrounds were 7 day a week businesses. I guess everything happens for a reason, because we ended up at the perfect place, Holden Beach Campground. We were greeted by 2 actual camp hosts  and guided to our site  and onto the pad by Frank, in his little utility cart. Holden Beach is just 2.1 miles away and claims to be a “ Bike Friendly” town with 3 bicycling routes with different points of interest. We plan to ride all 3 tomorrow morning. Other than bicycling, Holden has scuba diving, zip lining, fishing charters, ATV tours, Aerial Adventure Park (structures like bridges, walkways & platforms) built up in the trees & waterway cruises. A person could spend some time here.

All for tonight,

Mary Ann & Sherri